ptsd resources

everyone's needs are different. take what you find helpful, leave what you don't.


It can take a lot of courage to face your inner demons, and no matter where you are or how much capacity you're feeling right now, I'm glad you're on the journey.

This website is a collection of recommended self-help resources I've benefitted from, focused around (but not limited to) complex trauma, attachment, and triggering.

I have no formal training in these areas, and am by no means great at doing these things in real life. (After all, I made this site because I really needed help.) I just have a lot of emotional baggage to blast through, I cope by reading, and I didn't have access to professional help for a very long time.

You don't need to have Trauma™ to benefit from trauma resources. My hope is that these notes may help you connect with useful resources that fit your own needs and accelerate your personal journey toward your best life. If you have feedback, I'd love to receive it.

I originally wrote this as a longform article, and made this website for quicker reference when the article got too long.

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